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Pacific Logistics Corp offers technology services unlike any other. Everything is created and managed within the walls of PLC. All internet services, applications, and programming are created and hosted on site. Our technological innovations were developed around the specific needs and requests of our customers. The Pipeline Connect® program is one of those innovations; built from the ground up.  

We provide the Business Technology services to help you run and manage your business. Our team of on staff programmers can tackle any challenge and build any program. PLC employs the latest technologies to stay efficient and to give our customers the most up-to-date and relevant information. We are committed to investing in our technology in order to bring you the greatest value possible.

  • Tracking & Tracing
  • Inventory Control & Visibility
  • Customized Reporting
  • Proprietary EDI Processing
  • Pipeline Connect®


Dream it. Build it. Do it.

Some companies try to have you fit in their mold; we build ours systems and operations around our customer.

Our Methodology

At PLC we invest heavily in developing proprietary solutions that collaborate with our daily operational needs, as well as the needs of our customers. Our BI and technology investments focus around building proprietary operational synergies, increasing data visibility, and preventing or isolating operational issues; all in an effort to drive profitability and efficiency for our partners and ourselves.

Ultimately, our goal is to understand our customer’s business as well as we understand our own business. We hire Experts in all industries, not just Logistics. This ideology makes us agile, allowing us to develop technology that builds synergies between our customer’s operations and our own. Some companies try to have you fit in their mold; we build our systems and operations around our customer. By understanding our customer’s business intimately, we aim to be an extension of your own company and facilitate your success. Our success is defined by the partnerships we create, and we invest in development that supports our customer.  


We hire Experts in all industries, not just Logistics.

Our success is defined by the partnerships we create, and we invest in development that supports our customer.


Our dedicated in-house staff manages our own proprietary EDI system which services multiple customers and can communicate with any EDI VAN provider. With the help of our PLC Development Team, we currently offer a variety of communication mechanisms including, but not limited to, the following specs: 204, 210, 214, 856, 864, 870, 990, 997. Customized API connections are also available upon request to allow a seemless connections between our customer and our operations.


For our customers, our operational KPI data is used as the groundwork to quantify our overall service to our customers. During our quarterly or annual service reviews we also offer detailed transportation metrics, including: Shipment & Tonnage Metrics, Customer Overview & Custom Reporting, and On-Time Performance data. This information can also be made available on an ad-hoc basis within our customer web-portal, Pipeline Connect.

Training & Customer Support

Today, PLC has a complete Pipeline Connect Customer Support Team who is ready and able to answer any question presented by a user.  Some of the additional documentation created for Pipeline Connect and ASN users include:

  • Basic & Detailed Vendor Training Guides (PDF)
  • How-To Video Demos


About Pipeline Connect ®

Pipeline Connect® is the encompassing command center for current and historical shipments within the PLC database. Everything you need from pre-planning, tracking, tracing, status notifications, and document management, is available to you instantly.

Our proprietary system delivers full visibility into everything in your pipeline, with online tools that keep your organization working at maximum efficiency.

What Pipeline Connect® offers:

  • Shipment Access & Real-Time Tracking
  • Shipment Notifications (Email & Text Message)
  • Shipment Tools (Shipment Scheduling, BOL/Label Generation, etc.)
  • Attached Documentation (i.e. Packing Lists, BOL, POD, etc.)
  • Direct Customer Service via “Shipment Chat”
  • Invoice Access & Management
  • Batch Invoice / Document Printing
  • Static & Custom Reporting (Shipment Metrics & Custom Reports)
    • Automated Reports
  • User Management & Permission Control
  • And much more...


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