The PLC Retail Advantage.

Purchase Orders have a firm cancel date, whereby goods must be delivered on schedule and floor merchandise must be replenished quickly. That's why you place your trust in experts who understand this business.

With PLC, you'll have the confidence in knowing we're the routed carrier for some of the biggest, most widely respected US retailers, including specialty chains, E-Commerce, and major discounters.

PLC trucks are on the road every single day delivering consistent and reliable supply chain service to feed your operation.

We're always on the move.

Beyond this dependable service, are the details that make PLC a leader in this industry.

  • Appointment Scheduling and direct confirmation on ALL deliveries
  • Pipeline Connect® technology is designed to give you complete visibility over your inbound/outbound freight, with complete Purchase Order Management as well.

Dedicated Service Team

Our National Service Center is available 24/7 via Toll-free access from anywhere in North America. Vendors and retail clients can call our Central Dispatch to procure quotes, dispatch shipments, verify orders, request verbal and hard-copy Proofs-of-Delivery, etc. This allows our client access to information whenever they are on the road or not readily near internet access.


Quick Response

Timing is of the essence pertaining to both retail and freight service. Providing store floor replenishment and timely transit of goods to each retailer is a service that can be given only by a transportation specialist that understands the industry. Our background and experience gives us the knowledge necessary to fulfill the finest of details and requirements.


We're the routed carrier for the companies you know.


Core Strengths

  • Store Openings
  • Regional Expansion to National Roll-Outs
  • Display Rotation
  • Fixture Delivery
  • Installations
  • White Glove Services
  • Product Replenishment

Store Openings

Our team of experts understand the advance planning and specific scheduling required in the store opening process. The PLC Team can handle all of the details from pre-planning to executions. This includes working in conjunction with your planning committee to schedule around site permits and coordinate delivery times for store fixtures, displays, and product. PLC is available to assist as needed and our services are never intrusive.

White Glove Services

PLC provides a flexible and customizable set of white glove services to meet your specific needs:

  • Specialized blanket wrap transportation
  • Unpacking and Installation
  • Equipment for special deliveries (stair climbers, lifts, cranes, etc.)


Complete PO Visibility.

Pipeline Connect is more than just an online tracking system, it’s a full-fledged transportation management system with shipment reporting, documentation management, invoice management, direct shipment-chat and notifications, built on-site by our own dedicated team of developers.


Get unprecedented PO management and shipment control through Pipeline Connect®

  • PO verification for control protection and back-dating prevention
  • Complete tracking and visibility of all shipments
  • Automatic electronic PO transmission and processing (EDI)
  • All-in-One Advanced Shipping Notification System (ASN)
  • Customizable Reporting

Reporting & Dashboards

Reports can be run unique to your needs and your company. While dashboards allow for historical review and forecasting.

Automatic Status Notifications

From dispatch through delivery, Pipeline Connect will send automatic status notifications via email or text messages. You control the notifications that are sent and received.


A higher level of service. A greater attention to detail.

That's what makes PLC a leader in servicing the retail and fashion industry.

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