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Creativity defines the essence of our success

At Pacific Logistics™, operational excellence, major innovation and a strong service based culture unite to exceed your expectations. From last minute shipments to developing new lane segments around your business, PLC will find a way.

Within PLC we advocate a strong service based culture, driven for operational excellence in all areas of our business. Most importantly, we strive to bring an unprecedented level of technology and innovation to an industry where it is not commonplace.

Plain and simple. We build our infrastructure, operationally and technologically, around the needs and requests of our premiere clientele.

Dedicated Pacific Logistics™ Service Team

Pacific Logistics™ created the National Service Center (“NSC”) many years ago. This talented team is rich with industry experience and firsthand know-how. They provide an extra layer of support to help monitor and manage successful transits for all of our top clientele. Each team member is well versed to utilize Customer Guidelines or Statements of Work to ensure measured goals are met throughout the supply chain process.

NSC personnel are placed within all regions and time zones across the country in order to interact with Shippers and Consignees in real time. Their schedules align with the intricate demands of our clients with communication and updates as their priority. Key personnel are, staffed at our primary Hub locations in Baltimore, Los Angeles, Memphis, and Newark. Additional resources are located throughout the country as well.


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